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Do you identify with any of these statements?

“My chronic condition is controlling my life.”

“I’ve tried every diet and can’t keep the weight off.”

“My athletic performance has room for improvement.”

This is where we come in. Just like other medical professionals such as doctors, therapists, and counselors we also specialize in specific areas.


Nutrition plays a large role in many chronic conditions. Choosing the best foods to manage your condition is always a challenge. Incorporating these foods into your life is a struggle all of its own.

We fully understand. We’ve counseled thousands of patients and clients on ways to improve their food habits to manage their condition. Each and every approach is unique and specific to the client. Some of the chronic conditions we help with include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Health
  • Cancer

Reaching your weight goal in a healthy way isn’t easy. Keeping that weight off is even more difficult. When it comes to weight loss and weight maintenance, what’s best for someone else isn’t necessarily what’s best for you.

We’ll work with you to create the best plan for you to achieve healthy weight loss and maintain it long afterward. We do all of this using the foods you enjoy and adding in foods you’ll love.


Whether you’re a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or something in between you’re still pushing yourself to improve your performance. You know that when it comes to improving your performance you’re either preparing or recovering. If you’re working on improving or refining your performance and nutrition isn’t a priority, you’re missing a pivotal piece of your preparation-recovery strategy.

Every sport is a different challenge. Every athlete is unique. Your plan is no different—it should be unique to your sport and to you. With the right nutrition plan, we know you’ll prepare better, recover better, and compete at your best. 



You’ll find short descriptions of each of our plans below. Sign-up for your free Meet and Greet to get the full descriptions of our available plans and discuss which one is best for you!

  • Beginner
    $105 Initial*
    • Initial 60-minute Assessment
    • 2, 30-minute Follow-up Sessions
    • *$105.00 initially, then $50 per week for a total of 3 payments ($205.00 total)
  • Advanced
    $110 Initial*
    • Initial 60-minute Assessment
    • 4, 30-minute Follow-up Sessions
    • *$110 initially, then $50.00 per week for a total of 5 payments ($310.00 total)
  • Create Your Own
    • Looking for
    • something different?
    • We're also available on
    • an hourly fee schedule.


If you can’t find the answers to all of your questions feel free to send us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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